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Cluez Language & Translation
PO Box 171
3340 AD Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht
the Netherlands
T  +31 (0)78 6290124
PO Box 174
3340 AD Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht
the Netherlands
T +31 (0)78 6290124
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Translation Quiz

De politicus sprak twee solide uren...
Is a good translation of:
The politician talked for two solid hours...


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          Which is... Churchill Talen.
          With even more focus on English language courses.

          See you soon!

You need a professional translation from Dutch into English or the other way around? Of a legal, management or marketing document? We will provide you with a smooth translation reading like an original text.

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Since 1996

Since it establishment in 1996, the translation agency has built up an extensive base of satisfied clients. Law firms and businesses in the Netherlands and abroad do not hesitate to contact the agency when they need a sound and pleasant partner in their international communication processes. 

Whichever service you need, translation agency Cluez is a reliable contact which treats your documents in confidence.

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Translation Quiz

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